Hi loves,

I am so exited to welcome you on this blog! I hope you like it, because I needed about two months to even get it started (I am not that good with technics…). In this first blog post (still, so exiting!) I  wanted to explain who I am, what I love and why I started this blog.

So I guess I should start with why I wanted to start a blog so badly. This is something I really wanted for some years now, but I was too scared all the time to actually do it. To be honest I am still a little scared, but finally the I wanna do this-part overweighed the I am so scared-part, so yay. And everybody I told that I wanted to start a blog basically forced me to do it then, so I had no other choice either, haha.

The reasons for me for starting blogging are basically that I love to write about the things that inspire me or that I wonder about. And I thought now would be the time to finally share my year-long haunt of pinterest wisdom. Besides I considered this a s a great way to give a sense to my obsessive list-making and photographing habits. Finally, there are a lot of things I would just love to write about, from fashion to food, skin care and beauty, traveling and mind setting. Which is why I made four categories: style, beauty, travel and life (creative as hell, I know).

To say a few things about myself, my name is Franka, I live in Germany, I am seventeen years old and I am currently visiting 12th class, so this is my last school year. Its probably the best idea then to start my blog just a few months before making Abitur. However, I love thinking about how to find your own style (not only fashion-related), to discover new countries (and especially their food, haha), following a healthy lifestyle and being happy about the little things (we are so gonna talk about that!), and generally how to live the best life.

I am trying to blog in German (and English), not because I am very good in writing in English, but rather because it is just so much fun. So I am really sorry for the language mistakes from time to time. If you have any preferances considering the language, please tell me, because I haven’t it all figured out yet.

Also I created an instagram account (@xenroses) several months ago to get this whole thing started and I already virtually met many lovely people, so that I really wanted to keep doing that.

Finally, the name. I intensely thought about this one and finally I called this blog en roses. I kinda stole it from la vie en roses, because firstly it is French which I really adore. I love that language, as well as the French savoir-vivre and the parisienne non-chalance. For me, la vie en roses means seeing life form its positive side, so happiness, joy of life and all that stuff.

Because I tend to see the things rather positive and I want to spread that thinking here, I thought it would match. And, en roses reminds me of en vogue, and as a passionate vogue-reader, I liked it even more. Finally, roses are some of my favorite flowers, which gives a pretty nice touch too.

So I guess I am finished with the first post one ever, I hope there are a lot more to come! Stay exited! Thank you so so much for reading.

Xx, Franka



  1. November 6, 2017 / 5:13 pm

    Hey du!
    Bin endlich dazu gekommen auf deinem Blog vorbeizukommen. Die Bilder sind super schön, ich freue mich mega, dass du den Blog gegründet hast und hoffe, dass du noch lange Spaß mit ihm hast 🙂

    Liebe Grüße
    Antonia <3

    • frankamaria
      December 10, 2017 / 12:17 pm

      Du bist die beste! Danke! Weiß das sehr zu schätzen <3 Habe mich so über deine Kommentare gefreut.

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