the french girl approved hat everybody is wearing

Hey loves,

Is there any  victorias secret angel / blogger / model not owning this cap? I don’t think so. But honestly, I get them. I basically wanted one ever since I saw her in Vogue on Emily Ratajkowski.

I bought mine from zara in order to enhance my style by some not so basic things, which maybe didn’t work out the way I intended it haha. Because the more I wore it (which is a lot), the more basic it got. I really didn’t expect it, but it literally suits everything in my closet.

So maybe that is because most of the things I own actually are really basic, but maybe its just one of those universal things. However, its been definitely one of my favourite accessories these past months, which is why I wanted to share some of my favourite combinations with it.

The red lipstick

Even if the cap looks totally good without any make-up (which kinda feels like an incognito trip), its so fun going basic French with red lipstick. You can even pull of a little winged eye liner, which, I feel like, really has the same vibe as the cap (if that makes any sense outside my head, I hope so).

The statement shirt

I feel like this is kinda my new uniform, blue jeans and a statement shirt (this one says some kinda of wildness wonder with a little red-eyed-dinosaur – its up to you to decide whether that’s a statement or not haha), but it totally works with the cap.

Its like a little union between Parisian chic and New York flair. Which is like the best combination ever.

The off shoulder

Again, this is totally the type of shirt worth combining with the cap. I love how it actually suits the eyeliner-smoky vibe, and I, again, hope this makes sense.

The stripes

I feel like you can’t go more French then this. Blue stripes, red lipstick and this hat is like my imagination of Parisian women.

So, these are one of my favorite combinations. What’s yours? Do you have one or don’t you even like them? Have a great day!





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