the fall bucket list

„I am such an autumn person. Give me a quiet, cozy spot with a simple view of gorgeous trees with colourful leaves on a crisp September day, fuzzy socks, a warm drink, and a good book and I will be in all my glory.“ –McKenna Kaelin

Hi loves,

With October coming to an end and Halloween being over, I thought now would be the time for my ultimate fall bucket list. Since I am basically in a autumn mood since September, I admit timing could have been better, but it still took me pretty long to fulfill everything I wanted to do this fall.

Go apple picking.

I finally went to an apple picking farm this year! I wanted to do this every year since I realized how great fall is, and it really was so much fun. They even had pumpkins, sooo many pumpkins all in one place, which was like a dream coming true. Actually I still can’t believe this place exists.


Read or watch Harry Potter.

Because I haven’t ever read or watched Harry Potter before (I know, shame on me), and why so ever Harry Potter seems the book to be read in fall, I needed to seriously start. Unfortunately (and by no fault of my own, of course) I started by watching the last movie and not by reading the first book. But I am on that now.

Knits and skirts.

I don’t know that it is about that combination, but this fall there actually were the days warm enough to wear skirts and knits together. Which I, of course, couldn’t let fade.

Decorate for fall.

Because how shall one be able to get in a fall festive mood, when your room isn’t? Mine is full of lights, leaves and pumpkins this fall, which is, especially together with the playlist, the best vibe I could create.

Pumpkin spice latte.

It’s so cliché, I know. But what would fall be without the pumpkin spice latte? I had way too many of them though haha, I am not really sure if that much pumpkin spice is actually good for you. At least it was for my fall vibe.

Go for a fall walk.

I don’t know why walks are the best in fall. Maybe because of the leaves. Or the crisp air. Important is, they just are.

Listen to the coziest playlist.

An autumn playlist is a must. I don’t know how cozy music can actually be, but the one I listened to basically every minute this fall, got me into a pretty fally mood.

Carve pumpkins.

I know. Scary, aren’t they? And yes, I know that carving pumpkins probably isn’t the most age-appropriate thing to do for a seventeen year old, but since I am basically stuck on the mental age of an eight year old, it’s okay. And thought it would be more socially acceptable than going for trick or treat.

Can you tell I was really exited about those pumpkins?

Can you tell I was really exited about those pumpkins?

Thanksgiving dinner.

Living in Germany and watching American have thanksgiving every year is hard. Which is why my sister and I decided to have a thanksgiving dinner this year too. Ha. Actually I couldn’t cross of this one till now. But I am really exited for thanksgiving dinner while watching all of the friends and gossip girl episodes that exist. I’m pretty sure that’s the correct way to celebrate thanksgiving.

That’s it for my fall bucket list, what are your favourite things about fall? I think mine are pumpkins, the leaves changing their colours and apples. Although, actually I cant really decide. It’s to hard. Have the best fall ever! I’m so glad we live in a world where there are Octobers <3. xx, Franka



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