how to set & accomplish goals

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Happy New Year! Especially with 2018 starting, a lot of us set goals or resolutions they want to accomplish throughout the  year. That’s a great thing and there’s probably no better timing for some changes in your life, the only problem is that sometimes these resolutions aren’t exactly realized. To make sure this won’t happen this year (again), here are, according to my experiences and a lot of youtube videos, the best tips on setting and accomplishing goals!

  1. Reflect the past year

Think of the things that made you happy or unhappy during the past year. The people who made you feel good or not. The experiences you made and how they changed you. What you’re proud of. Basically the things that make you happy are those you want to keep doing in 2018. If there are any bad habits that don’t make you feel good, and there you go, that’s your goal!

  1. Set a theme for 2018

I really loved the idea of setting a theme for the year. So that everything you do or every decision you have to make is kinda in favour of the theme you chose. This could be something like happiness or positivity or health.

For me, its evolve. Not only because it’s the name of imagine dragons world tour, but because in 2018 I will (hopefully) finish school and there are a lot of changes to come. Besides, my goal is to really work on my confidence, self love and personality this year, to be prepared for whats about to come J According to the theme, you can then set your goals. You can also do it the other way around: maybe your goals all have the same kind of idea behind it so that’s your theme? Or, if you don’t like the idea of a theme, you can just set your goals.

  1. Create habits to realize the resolutions

Once you’ve set your theme and your goals, in order to really realize them, you have to create habits you can integrate in your daily life. Like this, the goal is less hard to accomplish, because you’ve got an exact plan instead of only a resolution.

For example if you want to gain confidence and want to do things outside your comfort zone, plan on doing one thing every day that scares you or that you’ve never done before. Like speaking in front of people, do an extra difficult work out, presenting home work, start a book about self confidence and read at least ten pages a day or take dancing classes, anything you want. Or if you want to live healthier and work out more often, do a little research on whats good for your body and what isn’t, try meal prepping, choose work out classes you then have to visit. Like this it will be a lot easier to actually work on realizing your goals.

  1. Create a dream board

This is the fun step. Once you have your goals and the things you want to do for realizing them, try making them visual. I printed out the pictures of my friends and family but also of the habits I want to integrate in my life and how I want my life to be. Put them anywhere you see them all the time so that you’re constantly reminded of your dreams and goals.

  1. Start the year motivated and exited

All of the things you want, won’t come true if you don’t believe in them. According to the law of attraction, wonderful things will happen to you if you believe in them coming true and work for them with a positive attitude instead of doing nothing and complaining all the time about nothing happening. Have a positive mindset to start the new year fresh, motivated and exited. Change your room, buy exiting clothes, set goals, push yourself out of your comfort zone, think positive and I promise, your wishes will come true. Good luck!


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