Hellou loves,

I am so exited you found my blog, I hope you love it. My name is Franka,  I am seventeen years old and I´m living in Germany. I am currently visiting 12th class, so this is my last school year. However, I love thinking about how to find your own style (not only fashion-related), to discover new countries (and especially their food, haha), following a healthy lifestyle and being happy about the little things, and generally how to live the best life.

My reasons for having started blogging are basically that I love to write about the things that inspire me or that I wonder about. And I really wanted to share my year-long haunt of pinterest wisdom, to finally make a use out of it. Besides, this blog kinda gives a sense to my obsessive list-making and photographing habits, which is great.  Finally, I enjoy talking to you about anything, from fashion to food, skin care and beauty, traveling and mind setting. Which is why there are four categories: style, beauty, travel and life (creative as hell, I know).

So, if you wonder avout the name: It is inspired (or rather stolen haha)  from la vie en roses, which, for me, means to see the rosy, best side of life and live it to the fullest – which is exactly the thinking I want to spread here.

Xx, Franka